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Customized Solutions

When possible, Oberthur Cash Protection provides unique solutions by customising standard products and applications to meet specific customer requirements. Where customer requirements cannot be met by such customisation, we are able to develop unique cost-effective products from scratch. Eventually, some of these products may become part of our standard product range, allowing any customer to benefit from them.

In our fast-changing world, it is particularly important for us to remain flexible and adaptable. When developing both products and solutions we design them to be flexible and configurable, to ensure that we can meet our customers’ changing demands now and in the future.

Furthermore, we investigate different markets to identify and use technologies that would make our solutions truly flexible and compatible with other products and applications, even those of our competitors.

Flexible protection levels for all zones

Whatever your needs, objectives and risks are, we can help you to identify the right process, technology, and solution.

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