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ICSD L3 mei

The ICSD (In Cassette Staining Device) L3 MEI Solution is an Intelligent Banknote Neutralization System with security ink as a neutralization agent designed for MEI Cashflow® cassettes. This system provides a high-quality staining performance and can be used to protect the funds during the complete cash cycle.

The ICSD L3 MEI solution is a cassette upgrade kit designed for the Cashflow® cassette. The solution continuously and efficiently protects the funds held in the cassette both inside and outside the cash deposit machine. All possible cassette functions (modes, activation sequences, etc.) are programmed within the cassette and commanded by the Security Control Module.

Main features of the ICSD L3 MEI:
  • In-Machine-Staining Device - all in Banknote Deposit machine
  • No reduction in note capacity
  • Available for Banknote deposit machines using mei cash flow cassettes
  • Designed for end-to-end solutions
  • Indelible security ink
  • Fast and effective staining
  • Self-protected cassette

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