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Cash Collect 3010

The Cash Collect 3010 is a banknote deposit system with cash reconciliation and authentication for retailers and banks. Deposits are tallied and verified using a solution where discrepancies in counting are eliminated. The safe content can be called up at any time according to volume (number of notes) and value. In short, a system which considerably simplifies cash handling in retail locations and branch offices.

The Cash Collect 3010 deposit system works independently and can be operated as a standalone. Interfaces with computer technology are already installed, allowing the processing of data in standard formats. Cash Collect 3010 can also be integrated into an operator’s existing IT infrastructure so that future optimization features such as remote monitoring and centralised monitoring are possible.

Main features of the Cash Collect 3010:
  • Automated banknote counting and balancing
  • High-level banknote authentication
  • Improved security for staff and valuables
  • Significant reduction of internal theft
  • Optimization of cash logistics and handling

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