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RS Collect

RS Collect is a highly secure multi-collect system allowing retailers, CIT companies and banks to perform safe and secure cash storage and/or transportation.

This unique electronic deposit system can receive up to 300 banknotes per drop. As an Intelligent drop system, it can be configured and customized: number of drops, number of openings, time slots, and other parameters of customer’s choice. The collecting process is very simple and requires no equipment at customer’s premises.

RS Collect range is a part of a unique and flexible RS product range which shares commutable accessories across different systems and processes, allowing customers to carry out cash service, collect, and ATM replenishment with equipment of a single product range.

RS Collect range comes with large number of optional accessories and tools, which makes it easy to integrate into existing customer processes.

Main features of RS Collect range are:
  • Simple and innovating collect system
  • Records deposit date and time
  • Up to 300 bank notes per drop
  • Programmable number of openings, opening times and durations
  • Robust casing, built for tough environments
  • Reliable technologies: RFID, triple DES encryption, radio

Some accessories include:

  • TOM: Tour Operation Manager – database-driven software to manage tours and associated data
  • PDA: touch-screen terminal used as a secure interface
  • VEHICLE RACK: secure in-vehicle storage of containers
  • DOCKING STATION: light wireless location identification device
  • ATAG: fully encrypted RFID card
  • REMOTE CONTROL: wireless communication device
  • WCM / SCM: Wireless Communication Module and Security Control Module are used as location identification tools

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