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The Fluiditi ATM Security product provides ink staining protection for NCR ATMs, against ram raids or burglaries while the ATM safe door is closed. Sensors located inside the ATM at potential attack points are connected to the injection system control board. The sensors can detect attack by ram raid, explosion, penetration or door forcing.

The key benefit of the system is that it requires no additional keys, codes or passwords to deactivate the security system, so training is minimal for both branch staff and CITs.

Fluiditi is available as a factory feature on new NCR ATMs or as an upgrade.

Main features of Fluiditi ATM Security:
  • Available as a factory feature on new NCR ATMs or as an upgraded
  • In-ATM Staining Device
  • No loss of capacity of banknotes
  • Cost effective
  • Proven reliability
  • Easy to use

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